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Bronchitis and Older People



What is bronchitis and how it affects older people with lungs infection

This is infection of the lungs, which is common in smokers, asthmatics or frail older people. It causes a cough, difficulty in breathing, the production of infected sputum and general debility or weakness. Conventional treatments are antibiotics, oxygen and inhalers, which are usually effective.

Other treatments for bronchitis or for any type of chest infection include:

  • Hypnotherapy to relax the muscles and decrease the need for medication
  • Herbs to reduce sensitivity to allergens: hyssop, euphorbia and coltsfoot
  • Homeopathy to deal with a particular allergen
  • Nutritional therapy to boost immunity, using garlic and oily fish, or echinacea supplements
  • Aromatherapy using tea tree oil, eucalyptus or thyme inhalations
  • Hydrotherapy with steam
  • Massage to dislodge the phlegm from the lungs
Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 20, 2012 at 12:45 pm