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Complementary Treatments for Menopause



Treating menopause with complementary treatments instead of the conventional method.

Complementary treatments for the menopause:

  1. Herbs for menopausal symptoms:
    • for bloating use tea made from fennel, dandelion or parsley
    • for hot flushes use black cohosh or sage
    • for vaginal dryness try aloe vera gel or other artificial lubricants inside the vagina
  2. Aromatherapy treatments include bergamont, jasmine, geranium or rose oils.
  3. Homoeopathic remedies are sepia, pulsatilla and sulfur for mood swings and hot flushes.
  4. Light therapy stimulates the brain to produce hormones and other chemicals to boost well-being and to improve circulation. It can also help with hot flushes and vaginal problems.
  5. A herbal supplement, dong quai, the extract of the plant Angelica sinensis, is used by many women to reduce the symptoms of the menopause. It should not be used alongside conventional HRT. Other benefits of dong quai are an improvement in high blood pressure and blood flow to the brain, a reduction in the frequency of migraines and a reduction in allergies such as food allergies or hay fever. The recommended dose is 1,000mg once or twice a day.
Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 24, 2012 at 9:27 am