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Osteoporosis in Men



How osteoporosis could also affect men in their old age.

Statistically, one man in every 10 will have at least one fracture due to osteoporosis in his lifetime. The reasons why men develop osteoporosis are not exactly clear but may include:

  • calcium loss due to aging in general
  • hormonal imbalance, perhaps during the male menopause
  • diabetes
  • treatment with steroid drugs
  • lack of exercise

Osteoporosis in men causes the same symptoms as osteoporosis in women – mostly loss of height and bone fractures. Changes in the shape of the ribcage may restrict the movement of the lungs and cause breathing problems.

Apart from calcium, vitamin D and lifestyle measures, specific treatment for men includes the use of anabolic steroids such as the drug Restandol, in tablet form, which is available through a doctor’s prescription. This helps prevent any further bone loss, increases muscle tissue and stimulates the appetite. Etidronate and other bisphosphonates are also used in the treatment of men.


Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 24, 2012 at 4:22 pm