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Inability to Cope with Household Chores for Older People



Difficulty of older people to manage housework and cooking due to restricted mobility and poor vision

Many people experience difficulty in managing housework and cooking. Restricted mobility and poor vision are once again often to blame, and it will be readily appreciated that someone who is unable to move about without grasping support with both hands, will find it difficult to cook or even wash up. Weakness or deformity of the upper limb will also render cooking and housework extremely laborious.

The task of keeping the house clean is often carried out by relatives, even if the handicapped person lives alone, but failing that, the services of a home care assistant three or four times a week should be sufficient and meals on wheels should be available most weekdays. The exact type of the services provided varies from place to place and, in the USA, from state to state, where some community projects are funded under the Older Americans Act.

All these services are ‘prosthetic’ (replacement) rather than ‘therapeutic’ (enabling the client to perform the task himself). Many people would much prefer the latter, and there is a wide range of gadgets and modifications available to circumvent some of the problems we have been discussing.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 27, 2012 at 5:47 pm