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Process of Aging



The Process of Aging

Ever since human beings first realized that their lives had an end as well as a beginning, their widespread hope to live eternally turned indomitable. Efforts to discover the fountain of youth and also the secrets to everlasting life go back to the beginning of civilization. Most of these were weird and naive, nevertheless they did possess a dose of scientific basis.

The primeval fascination with extending life centered around three primary themes:

  1. The Antediluvian Theme
  2. The Hyperborean Theme
  3. The Fountain Theme

The Aging Process:

  1. The Egyptian Quest for Anti-Aging Ointment
  2. Shedding the Skin for Regeneration
  3. Aging of the Brain
  4. How Does Our Memory Works
  5. Managing our Sense Organs to Fight Aging
  6. How Vision Changes with Age
  7. Hearing and Age Related Changes
  8. Hearing Exercises and Aging
  9. Scanning and Eye Focusing During Aging
  10. Peripheral Vision and Aging
  11. Importance of Revitalizing the Mind
  12. Exercises to Improve the Sense of Touch
  13. Exercise More than the Five Senses
  14. Effects of free radicals on aging

Memory Exercises to Fight Aging:

Once you know how memory works, you can make use of this knowledge to help you remember better. Taking pills is the lazy way of memory boosting. There is a more difficult way for those who want to achieve their full potential, which is memory exercises.

  1. Chunking as Memory Exercise
  2. Memory Exercise Using Mental Imagery
  3. Memory Exercise with the Technique of Context
  4. Elaboration and Organization Method for Memory Exercise
  5. Handkerchief Knot and Observation Method of Memory Exercise
  6. Exercises for Short-Term Memory Training
  7. Tips for Improving the Sense of Position and Balance
  8. What is Sense Imagery and Its Usefulness
  9. The Benefits of Sense Exercise
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