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The Egyptian Quest of Anti-Aging Ointment



Maintaining a youthful and beautiful skin is an expertise of the ancient Egyptians. They acquired lots of recipes with regard to preparing creams and potions to enhance aging skin and help to make lines and wrinkles disappear, some formulated with snake parts.

One of such recipes was discovered in the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus (approximately 1700 BC and it is entitled ‘Recipe for transforming an old man into a youth’. A great deal of time is spent studying the text of the papyrus, attempting to see beyond the words into the ancient writer’s mind. The recipe provides comprehensive details regarding how to prepare an ointment to make wrinkles vanish, a ‘beautifier of the skin, an eliminator of imperfections and disfigurements as well as all signs of old age’. It is remarkable to see that so many thousands of years ago humans have been concerned with the disfigurements associated with aging almost certainly nearly as much as we are these days. Four thousand years later, the magic potion stays elusive.

The most crucial substance of this Egyptian ointment is a kind of fruit which is green and small, has a hard husk or shell and contains seeds. The experts who attempted to translate the ancient papyrus were not able to determine it. The guess is that this fruit is synonymous with anything natural, green, organic and coming from the earth. It is no coincidence that seeds are more and more promoted these days as containing powerful anti-aging chemicals.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 23, 2012 at 7:52 pm