Anti aging guide

The Fountain Theme



This may perhaps be the best-known belief. It is that somewhere there exists a miracle fountain which confers the gift of eternal youth as well as immortality. Taken extensively, this particular theme consists of searching for a substance, a medicine or any other means of prolonging youth and life span. This theme is extensively followed today, with most of us taking something to assist us maintain our overall health and vigour.

Nations like Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria possess a long tradition in life-prolongation remedies using the fountain theme. Not so long ago, the Romanian drug Gerovital triggered a stir in the murky waters of anti-aging treatment, attracting world-wide interest as an agent for restoring youth.

In some Hungarian spas they provide refreshing treatments with water containing sulphur, carbon as well as other minerals. The actual spa treatment consists of hydrotherapy with natural or artificial mineral water, mud baths and dry carbon baths. The spa owners claim that their naturally radon-rich waters can revitalize worn-out cells and slow down degenerative processes like atherosclerosis. Maybe this is the real fountain of youth.

So, mankind has basic and fundamental beliefs regarding extending life span, and we are still bound simply by all of these beliefs to a degree today. If we want to become successful in our pursuit of longevity, we ought to take advantage of what our ancestors taught us. There exists a great deal we could learn from them.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 23, 2012 at 7:49 pm