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The Hyperborean Theme



This is in accordance with the thought that certain individuals or races in faraway lands lived significantly longer compared to current life span. Hyperborean is Greek for ‘beyond the north’. The ancient Greek belief was that there was a race living in a distant land ‘beyond the north’ which enjoyed an incredibly long life span. Many other civilizations adhered to this theme, which is fundamentally a belief in a ‘paradise on Earth’, a land devoid of diseases, suffering and aging.

As recently as the early 1980s the Hyperborean legend was still strongly believed. It was believed that the inhabitants of Georgia, of a certain area of Pakistan and of the Vilcabamba area in Ecuador lived to exceptionally old ages. After researchers examined the data carefully, however, this myth was somewhat deflated.

As science and modern civilization reach the most distant parts of the Earth, the Hyperborean belief is declining considerably, though perhaps it will never perish entirely. Even today, occasionally, we see reports of people in distant lands living to be 140 or 150.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 23, 2012 at 7:45 pm