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Peripheral Vision and Aging



How aging could affect the peripheral vision

When we are looking at something, we see not only the object in front of us but also other objects out of the corners of our eyes. What we see when we are looking at something straight in front of our eyes is known as ‘central vision’ and what we perceive around that object is ‘peripheral vision’.

For example, looking at this book now, straight ahead of you without moving your eyes from it, what you perceive out of the corners of your eyes is your peripheral vision.

With the passage of years the range of peripheral vision narrows. Some scientists think that this reduction is comparable to wearing blinkers. This means that older people should not rely too much on the visual information coming from the corners of their eyes, because this information will be reduced and will not correspond to the full picture.

As an example, some drivers fail to see traffic signs because they are just looking straight ahead and the images from the corners of their eyes are being missed. The thing to do is to keep turning the head gently and scan the whole area in front in order to get the whole picture properly.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 9, 2012 at 6:37 pm