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Shedding the Skin for Regeneration



Shedding the Skin

The image of the snake keeps coming up in civilizations that attempted to cope with aging. Many believed that the snake sheds its skin as a means of renewing itself and remaining young eternally.

The thought of shedding the skin as a method of regeneration does not appear to be restricted to the ancient times. For example, even nowadays the Amazonian Indians believe that a specific type of tree sheds its bark as a way to keep young. This is actually the Capirona tree found in the upper Amazon, where local Indians believed that anyone who sleeps beneath it will restore their health. The women use its bark to retain a youthful skin.

It is fascinating to note that when scientists evaluated the bark of the Capirona tree they discovered it to contain vast amounts of vitamin E, which usually protects the skin and other organs from age-related damage. A lot more life-prolonging plants have to be there within the rainforest simply waiting to be discovered.

The modern day methods of dermabrasion, or face peeling, make use of modern tools to remove the outer skin as a means of looking young again. So, ancient knowledge and modern technology are not complete strangers to each other.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 23, 2012 at 7:54 pm