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Treating Hearing Problem with Hearing Aids



Why is a hearing aid necessary for older people who have hearing impairment

Almost half of older people who have a hearing problem find this can easily be treated with hearing aids, yet only one in 10 uses them. The reasons for this include the stigma of wearing a hearing aid and the fact that the person may be unaware that there is a problem and that there is an easy solution.
Newer devices are being developed all the time, including some which can be screwed into the skull.

Tips to overcome hearing impairment

  • If you have a hearing problem, admit it.
  • Look the speaker face to face with your back turned to the light.
  • Reduce background noise.
  • Have a hearing test and use a hearing aid if necessary.
  • If you wear a hearing aid, have it checked regularly for flat batteries.
  • Slow the pace of the conversation down gently to suit you.
  • Shouting is not usually necessary.
  • If you can’t follow the plot, change the subject of the conversation to something more familiar to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask other people to repeat something if you don’t understand.

Do-It-Yourself Hearing Test

  1. Do you often mishear words during a conversation with somebody who is unfamiliar to you?
    • Yes (1) – No (0)
  2. Do you feel that your hearing is better in relation to television programs than radio programs?
    • Yes (1) – No (0)
  3. Do you frequently have buzzing or other noises in your ears?
    • Yes (1) – No (0)
  4. Have you had frequent ear infections?
    • Yes (1) – No (0)
  5. Have you been in a noisy environment for long continuous periods in the past?
    • Yes (3) – No (0)
  6. Do you feel more comfortable if you look the person you are conversing with straight in the face?
    • Yes (3) – No/Indifferent (0)
  7. Do other people frequently comment that they hear sounds which you don’t?
    • Yes (3) – No (0)
  8. Do other people mention that your hearing is poor?
    • Yes (3) – No (0)


0-1: Your sense of hearing is likely to be normal.

2 and above: You may suffer from a degree of hearing loss. See a doctor to check for wax, infections and other causes. You may need to have a formal hearing test.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 19, 2012 at 7:47 pm