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A Diet to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease



Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease with a Diet

The Alliance for Aging Research in the USA recommends that for the prevention of heart disease, cancer and age-related damage we should take each day:

  • 1,000mg of vitamin C per day
  • 400iu of vitamin E per day
  • 17,000-50,000iu of beta carotene

This is considerably more than the recommended daily allowance in the UK.

Fish oils may protect against lung cancer in smokers. Those who eat fish at least twice a week are less likely to develop lung cancer or other lung diseases than those who don’t consume any fish oils at all. The parts of fish rich in oils are the eyes, bowels and brain.

More nuts, olive oil, porridge and small quantities of red wine can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. These are the results of a study comparing mortality from cancer and ischaemic heart disease in vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Women who have a diet high in fibre have a low risk of developing breast cancer. The reasons for this are not clear but it is suggested that fibre may bind to and inactivate the hormones which are associated with breast cancer.

Flavonoids, which are very effective antioxidants, can halve the risk of heart disease. Important sources of flavonoids include fruit, onions, green tea and red wine.

Extra virgin olive oil reduces the stickiness of the blood and helps with blood circulation. It also contains strong antioxidants.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 2, 2012 at 5:56 pm