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Diet to Prevent Arthritis



Preventing arthritis with a proper diet

There are many drug treatments for arthritis and nutritionists suggest that a proper diet will also help reduce some of its symptoms.

To treat arthritis, fat in the diet should be reduced. Forget fried food, butter puddings or pastries and avoid too much alcohol.

Arthritis sufferers should choose protein from fish and poultry rather than from red meat. Other sources of suitable protein include beans and pulses, nuts and skimmed milk.

Carbohydrates should be obtained from wholemeal bread, cereals, wholemeal pasta and brown rice, rather than from refined sugar.

Herring, mackerel, salmon, cod and haddock, eaten at least three times a week, or fish oil supplements in capsule form are highly recommended by some specialists. These fish oil’s contain omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce morning stiffness and tenderness of the joints. Evening primrose oil and flax oil, which also contain omega-3 fatty acids, work wonders for some people.

Finally, if you suffer from arthritis, it would be a good idea to lose that excess weight which puts unnecessary strain on your poor knee, back and hip joints.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 2, 2012 at 6:19 pm