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Oral Hygiene Program

Healthy nutrition can also be affected by tooth disease. It is important to follow a good oral hygiene program, visit the dentist regularly and try to maintain good teeth. Otherwise, chewing can become a problem, with consequent malnutrition, imperfect digestion and bowel problems. Proper chewing (33 times every mouthful, my grandfather used to say) helps break down the complex constituents of the food and prepares them to be absorbed by the bowel.

Indigestion is made worse by poor mobility, age-related changes to the acid secretion in the stomach and by anti-inflammatory drugs given for pain control.

The extract of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is promoted as being effective in reducing the effects of indigestion and improving stomach upset. It helps break down fat and stimulates the flow of digestive fluids from the liver (bile). It helps eliminate alcohol, protects the liver against the effects of alcohol, stimulates normal mobility of the bowel and also reduces cholesterol.

Artichoke contains the active ingredient cynarin, a naturally occurring substance. This is treated chemically and marketed in capsule form.

Artichoke extracts are also thought to be good antioxidants and research is currently under way to study the effects of cynarin on reducing atherosclerosis. This may be suitable for those at risk from liver damage due to too much alcohol, gallstones, problems with bile, or those who have had hepatitis. It is well tolerated and has no significant side effects. In practice, though, not everybody who tried it found it effective.

Aloe vera can also aid digestion, reduce excess acid in the stomach and reduce the risk of ulcers.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 1, 2012 at 7:31 pm