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Aging Well Through Prevention



Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is definitely a lot better than cure and today’s lifestyle evaluation organizations can even provide you with practical prevention checks. The idea is that to be able to live longer we need to have near-perfect health and so should try to prevent illnesses before they appear. The checkup consists of a variety of tests, from the well-known standard blood, heart and urine tests to the more unusual like the measurement of some obscure hormones in the blood, the estimation of the level of the byproducts of aging, mineral analysis, naturopathic screening and several other computerized tests.

Although the concept of prevention is extremely attractive, several more traditional doctors, particularly in the UK, say that there is no evidence to suggest that such a complete body health analysis helps people live longer. It may help in the early detection of some diseases like osteoporosis, but this can also be achieved by performing one or two simple and cheaper tests on people who are at high risk. As medical trainers used to say, ‘We should treat the patient and not the piece of paper with the laboratory result on it.’ Conservative doctors say that if you feel generally well and if your basic medical checkup is normal, there is no need to embark on anything more complicated, unless there is a specific reason to do so.

In preventing age-related problems a lot depends on us. But what is your age now

Your Biological Age

There are many scientific tests which assess the biological age of a person. These tests use special devices and measuring machines as well as extensive blood tests in the laboratory. It is also possible to evaluate your own age by using specially devised questionnaires, which are much simpler but not as accurate as the laboratory tests.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 26, 2012 at 2:47 pm