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Remedies and Treatments for Hair Loss



How simple remedies could be used to treat hair loss even in the old-fashioned way

Treatments using drugs which affect hair growth have made their mark over the years. Minoxidil, a drug used to treat severe high blood pressure, has made a difference to many balding men. It is taken in tablet form and also used in hair lotions. Another drug, finasteride, has also been used. Finasteride works wonders in reducing swelling of the prostate but was also found to be effective in reducing baldness, up to a point. Both drugs need a doctor’s prescription. Don’t expect miracle results.

A treatment you can try out yourself is to massage the scalp with lavender and rosemary. Massage using your thumb and first two fingers, starting from the front towards the back. Make sure that the hair is well oiled.

An old-fashioned remedy to stimulate the circulation, and thereby hair growth, is to massage the dry scalp with your fingers twice a day. Others say that massaging and rubbing may damage and break the hair. Some people worry too much about hair loss which, in the end, doesn’t cause any significant baldness.

General Advice for Healthy Hair

  • First comb and then brush your hair. Comb your hair before going to bed. Start combing from the end of the hair and work your way deeper towards the scalp.
  • Use mild shampoos which are suitable for your own particular hair condition and don’t wash your hair too often.
  • Grey hair needs extra conditioning as it is more porous. Use sage oil to help darken the color. Whether you decide to use an obvious or subtle color to cover your graying hair will depend on your personality, extravagance and flair.
Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 11, 2012 at 5:54 pm