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The Most Effective, Clinically Proven Anti-Aging Skin Care Products For Men

Although men typically age later on in life than women, due to a higher concentration of collagen and elastin in a man’s skin, the aging process does not shun them and, sooner or later, skin care products which promote anti aging for men should be considered. Once the biological process of aging starts out, those years of subjecting the skin to shaving, a process which depletes the skin of its protective layers, combined with harsh work conditions, unhealthy habits such as smoking, improper diet and inadequate sleep finally catch up on them. Deepening lines and wrinkles are signs of premature aging, because the skin loses collagen and elastin, two of its building blocks and since dead skin cells do not shed as fast, new cell growth is delayed.

Damage of the cells due to free radicals ( which modify the DNA of the cells) as well as environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure and pollution also take their toll on the appearance of the skin. For the modern man who wants to maintain a young-looking skin, an effective anti-aging skin care product and less sun exposure is a new, healthy way of life. The right skin care regimen can help men to combat dry skin, by using a moisturizer which also reduces the signs of aging and a cleanser which exfoliates the skin and hence, it also has anti-aging effects, to sooth a sensitive skin, to prevent breakouts and to treat shaving problems. In addition to using on a daily basis a cleanser, a toner if the skin is oily and a moisturizer, an anti-aging skin care product should also be used. The following are clinically proven and dermatologically tested skin care products which promote consistent anti-aging.

Menscience Anti-Aging Formula

Anti aging for menInhibits the aging process by increasing collagen production ( collagen levels decrease with age) and it supports the skin structure, by filling in fine lines and smoothing deep wrinkles. The active ingredients of this formula work synergistically and they include polypeptides, GABA, retinol, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, hydrocotyle and vitamin E. Polypeptides are organic compounds which incorporate short chains of amino-acids, the building blocks of the human body and when applied topically, they boosts collagen levels.

Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant, soluble both in water and oil, which means that its antioxidative properties reach all cell areas and it also increases the effectiveness of the other antioxidants incorporated in the formula, such as green tea, retinol and vitamin E which defend the skin against free radical damage. Retinol is a fat-soluble retionoid which promotes cell renewal and boosts both collagen and elastin production. Hydrocotyle is extracted from the plant Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) with potent wound-healing properties which also stimulates the blood flow to the cells and helps in the generation of new skin cells. GABA is an amino-acid found naturally in our nervous system and also a dermatological-grade ingredient which relieves muscle tension when applied locally, decreasing thus the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Thanks to the extra collagen and elastin production, this anti-aging formula improves the elasticity and texture of the skin, it neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals and it promotes a firmer, younger-looking skin. It absorbs fast, it is oil-free and it is recommended to be used twice a day and before the application of a moisturizer. For optimum results, it is used advisedly together with Advanced Antioxidant dietary supplement from Menscience.

Menscience Eye Rescue ultralight and oil-free formula reduces the appearance of under-eye dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. The carefully selected ingredients of this formula are suitable for the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes and they include kojic acid (which normalizes darkly pigmented under-eye areas), vitamins C, E, K, shea butter which rejuvenates the skin around the eyes, chamomile, with anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, hyaluronic acid, which increases collagen generation and coenzyme Q10, which protects the skin against free radical damage.

Facelube anti-aging skin care system

VO Victor Ortiz Ultra-Masculine combines high-performance, anti-aging active ingredients with super botanicals which work synergistically for sustainable and visible results. This system is suitable for all skin types and it starts with an anti-aging cleanser, that cleans excess oil, very important for men because they have larger pores and their sebaceous glands are more active than women s. The second product is the anti-aging treatment, which nourishes the skin with essential micronutrients and restores the natural balance of the skin. The third is an anti-aging protectant which strengthens the structure of the skin and seals in moisture, highly valuable especially in the winter, and beneficial for long-lasting results.

In order to protect the skin while shaving, Facelube anti-aging shave package contains an anti-aging shave cream, an anti-aging shave and neck cream and an anti-aging pre-shave oil and shave rescue.

Facelube ArtSciMen viper edition from 2013 combines neuropeptides which fight off wrinkles, acting just like the venom of the deadly viper Temple, extract from Senna herb for optimum moisture level and smoothing effects and LMW sodium hyaluronate, similar to hyaluronic acid, which evens out the skin by replenishing the collagen. This formula diminishes wrinkles caused by normal facial mimic by inhibiting muscle contractions. The high concentration of the active ingredients palmitoyl tripeptides act similar to the skin s own mechanism of producing collagen.

Facelube Camelot Premier Collection contains optimally concentrated anti-aging active ingredients such as polypeptides, blue lotus (antioxidant high in flavonoids), Chromocare (French compound based on cromophore mapping), Resistem (the bodyguard of the skin), Spirulina Platensis, daisy, sencha, whey protein, EGCG from green tea, glycolic which helps cell turnover and ceramide III which renew the natural protective layer of the skin.

Protein Booster Skin Serum

Jack Black is an anti-aging serum which includes active ingredients such as palmitoyl oligopeptides and tetrapeptides, the building blocks of protein and certified organic ingredients of the PureScience formula, which penetrate the deep layers of the skin, in order to promote an optimum defense against the signs of aging. It turns thus the after-shave routine into a skin-saving operation. Unless you have an oily skin, all serums should be used with a moisturizer, such as Jack Black or Nickel moisturizer for men.

DS Laboratories Viterol

A Face contains active ingredients such as Viatrozene (16%) which are encapsulated into nanosomers (organic microspheres) that reach the deepest skin layer where wrinkles form, the dermis and as such, it is a clinically proven, continuously effective treatment whose anti-aging effects do not wear off.

Blue Copper 5 from Osmotics combines the latest copper technology and the exclusive 5-chain pentapeptide, which prevents and repairs damaged skin, for a firmer, more elastic and younger-looking skin.

The above-mentioned skin care products are safe, clinically proven and highly effective in promoting long-lasting anti-aging for men, perfect for all skin types.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 24, 2013 at 5:17 am