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What is Gerovital H3?

Gerovital H3 was developed by Dr. Ana Aslan in Romania during the 1950s and has been a controversial preparation. It has been promoted as an effective treatment for anti-aging by its advocates. During the Gerovital’s peak period, Dr. Aslan’s clinic has treated many dignitaries and celebrities with Gerovital and it was reported to also include John F. Kennedy, Kirk Douglas, Marlene Dietrich, and Salvador Dali, just to name a few.

By 2004, the view of the mainstream medical group on Gerovital H3 was that the preparation has been seriously investigated and discredited in the 1960s, and any promotion today is ignorance of medical findings. Since 1982, the importation of Gerovital H3 has been prohibited and bans from interstate commerce as it has been considered an unapproved drug by the FDA in United States.

There was an article published by the New York Times in 1973 stating that there were three reports being simultaneously published in the British Medical Journal that found no merit in using procaine hydrochloride for treating aging problems and this has poured cold water on Gerovital’s reputation years ago.

During the 70’s and 80’s, Gerovital H3 was investigated as a clinical depression treatment, but however, it was never accepted as being a useful treatment. However, advocates still insist that Gerovital H3 could be used as an MAO inhibitor.

Gerovital H3 was considered as an unapproved new drug by the United States FDA in 1974 in one of its consumer magazine which stated that Gerovital’s health claims have not being substantiated. And it could cause respiratory difficulties, low blood pressure and convulsions for some users. However, suppliers still asserted that the product was safe by citing a brief quotation in an article from the newspaper that said that Gerovital H3 has no safety problem according to Elmer Gardner from the FDA’s Bureau of Drugs as early as 1973.

The main ingredient of Gerovital H3 is Procaine hydrochloride which is also known as Novocaine. Potassium metabisulfite, benzoic acid and disodium phosphate are also found in it. These ingredients are important as they will “stabilize” the drug to render it more effective.

Dr Aslan was able to promote Gerovital H3 successfully from 1950s until her demise. During the 1960s and 70s, her clinic in Romania (Parhon Institute) was flooded by celebrities seeking treatment for aging, and it was also an upscale attraction for tourist.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - June 3, 2012 at 3:40 pm