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What Is Argireline?



Argireline is an ingredient obtained from natural proteins and is used in synthetic anti-aging cosmetics. It is the trade name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

Benefits of Argireline

Wrinkles are something which majority of the people will dislike, especially when it is something that is not easy to hide. Unlike when we were at our youth, our skin will start to lose its flexibility as we aged so much so that our skin will no longer be able to snap back as it used to. The skin will appears tired and sags as the fat cells within the skin shrink in size as well as the slowing down of the cellular division. Matters would be made worst if a person smokes, struggle with a disease or even observing an unhealthy diet regime. When it comes to searching for a solution to reduce facial lines and getting back a youthful look, Argireline seems to the the perfect answer for them.

So How Exactly Does Argireline Work?

Unlike the effects of Botox, Argireline is truly a great discovery as it will not cause pain, swelling or discoloration. It contains 6 different amino acids and is a natural protein that allows it to duplicate the effects of Botox effectively. As it is a natural protein, it is also one of the building blocks that form living tissue. In research studies, it has been shown to assist in the decreased of visible aging effects by reducing deep lines and wrinkles that are usually found around the eyes and forehead. During application, Argireline will be rubbed onto the skin to cause the skin muscle tissues to immensely wind down or relaxed, almost to the stage of paralysis. By doing that, Argireline will be able to maintain the skin muscle tissues in a calm stage for a long period of time, thus stopping the formation of wrinkles and lines.

Buying Argireline

Argireline as a main ingredient could be found in many varieties of skincare products like serums, creams, lotions, etc. If you would like to obtain the best results, you should always purchase Argireline directly from the research laboratory. From the research laboratory, you should be able to purchase it at a better price as well as a fresher product. Before buying Argireline from any research laboratories, always ensure that the laboratory meets certain required criteria. Also ensure that those are respectable labs that maintain a high standard in carrying out their research.

Argireline vs. Botox

Comparing with Botox, Argireline is a newer product when it comes to removing wrinkles. However, its popularity has been rising. Due to the many advantages of Argireline over Botox in fighting wrinkles, many people are preferring Argireline as it is cheaper, lesser risk and pain, plus no possible side effects. Furthermore, Botox basically could be applied only to a small sections of the face, whilst Argireline are more widespread in its effects and generally would also last longer. Argireline truly provides the hope for those who are not ready to surrender their youthful and younger looks due to aging.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - May 22, 2012 at 4:10 pm