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The Effects of Aging



What are the effects of aging and how many people view this as part of human development

Many individuals believe that ‘aging’ inevitably equates to ‘disease’. This view is thought to be wrong by several eminent gerontologists. Aging is simply another part of human development, another life stage, like infancy and adolescence. You can grow to a glorious old age without suffering any significant medical problems whatsoever.

It is incorrect, in fact, to see the so-called Third Age as a time of decrepitude. If the First Age (childhood) is a time for preparation for life and the Second Age (adulthood) a period of productive labor, the Third Age (maturity) is a period of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Only the Fourth Age (senility) is for infirmity and eventual death, but this period is not necessarily long (days or weeks) and even this should be shortened as much as possible.

With that said, there are indeed some diseases which are more common in later life but these aren’t necessarily inevitable. For example, the three most common killers (heart disease, stroke and cancer) are diseases connected with the Western way of life rather than with age alone. African tribes which still follow a more primitive way of life don’t have a high incidence of these diseases. The Masai bushmen, for example, have a very low incidence of ischaemic heart disease and heart attacks. What influences the development of these diseases is diet, lack of exercise and smoking.

Some other diseases, for example Alzheimer’s senile dementia, are thought to be connected with the process of aging itself. The changes in the brain of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are similar to those seen in healthy elderly people, but are much more severe. It seems that if we all lived long enough we would fall into the claws of Alzheimer’s dementia. But not all scientists agree with this scenario either, thinking that dementia is something completely separate from the process of growing old.

Dementia apart, no matter what happens to your body, if you have the right attitude, if you think ‘young’ and if you are always positive, then aging won’t ruin your life.

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Posted by Carol Hudgens