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Aging Gracefully

Being happy is the cornerstone to general health and in particular to social health. Do you feel contented and happy with your life now. Are you happy with your partner or with not having a partner? Are you aging gracefully? If you had the chance to live your life again, would you change anything?

Feeling unhappy with your partner or with the lack of a partner may not only make you feel miserable now, but it can affect your future health as well. Ask yourself what it is that makes you unhappy, and what you can do about it. Don’t leave things until it is too late. Do it now. Stop reading for a moment and think about it.

Many people would like to be able to put right earlier mistakes and consider that their earlier life has not been a success. But whatever your situation, it is never too late to get back onto the right track, and if you feel you have missed an opportunity earlier in life, be dynamic and try to catch up with it now.

One sign of happiness is the ability to look forward to the future.

So How to Age Gracefully?

  • People who keep setting new goals show that they believe in their future and that they have not yet given up hope. Even short-term (weekly or monthly) goal-setting keeps hope alive. This will make it easier for you to fit in with society and be better adjusted socially. Seek out new opportunities and new experiences in life. Try a new course, a sport you have never done before, a new part-time job. Write a story or a novel for a magazine, try out new concepts, go for new activities in politics/religion/science or art. Be a dreamer, seek new challenges.
  • If you think that the future is only doom and gloom, your thoughts will soon become reality. Growing old should be seen as just another stage of life, with many different opportunities for enjoyment. It is so exciting to experience this part of life and you should be looking forward to it. Don’t take everything too seriously. Play, relax, don’t get upset with little things, let go of your worries. Think of how insignificant you are in the universe. Nothing is important in your short life, apart from living it well, according to your values. Every day should be a great new adventure. Every day is a new opportunity to enjoy life.
  • We all experience constant changes in life. The ability to accept these changes and the new situations makes it easier to stay socially healthy. Many people prefer to live in the past and this is healthy up to a point. However, you shouldn’t make the past your master. Even if you prefer the values of the past, act as if you are always happy and cheerful. If you smile, laugh and have the confidence to show you are happy, then you will feel happy.
  • To look forward to events is a sign of a natural positive thinker. Even if the event is expected to happen some time in the future and is not generally considered enjoyable, you can try and find the positive side of it and look forward to that. Always hope for the best scenario, be optimistic and try to find enjoyment in what you do. Never say, ‘I am too old for that.’ If you can do it, go ahead.
  • Many developments in science can be used to improve health in later life. There are hundreds of discoveries every year which can help you maintain health and vitality. You should be ready for these developments. Be curious. Don’t take everything at face value but read between the lines.

Our society worships youth only because old age was considered to be worthless. But there are new ideas on the horizon. Youth is a difficult age, with problems of inexperience and insecurity, whereas maturity is for security, knowledge, professionalism, stability, wisdom and health.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 25, 2012 at 1:27 pm