Anti aging guide

How to spot ageism?



Spotting ageism can be very difficult. Ask yourself the following questions and then think about the comments:

When you approach an important birthday (eg 40, 50, 60) do you get anxious or upset?

Landmark birthdays are a time for reflection. It is natural to think back and to compare the past, present and future. If you look forward to the future as well as looking back to your past, you are less likely to be affected by the passage of years.

Research shows that people live longer if, on average, they are happy, non-smokers, intelligent, have a positive attitude to life and have a good social life. People who live longer are usually older than their spouse, are older siblings, have few children and continue working through to their retirement. They have long-lived parents, a young mother and up to the age of 40 they looked younger than their actual age.

Do you think that people of your age or older can be attractive?

People of any age can look attractive if they make some effort. If you think that people older than you still look attractive, it means that you believe that you can look attractive too when you are their age.

Do you get on well with teenagers?
If you get on well with teenagers it means that you don’t have any problems with looking youth in the face and accepting your own age. If teenagers get on well with you it is probably because you have a young mind and refreshing thoughts.

Do you think that the signs of aging on your body make you look bad?
The physical signs of aging have different values for different people. Those who think that they are an asset have high self-esteem and are likely to look good in years to come. People who say that they feel ‘old’ are more likely to suffer from the effects of social aging. Instead of saying, ‘I feel old,’ say what you actually mean. You probably mean ‘I feel tired or exhausted.’ The two are not the same at all.

Do you agree with women having fertility treatment after the age of 50?
Some people will argue that if you agree with older women having fertility treatment it means that you are ready to accept the developments of science. This acceptance will make it easier for you to get new scientific treatments when necessary. It may also indicate that you accept modem society more easily. Not everybody agrees with this argument.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - January 25, 2012 at 8:35 pm