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Elixirs of Youth to Prevent or Reverse Aging



Will using nutritional supplements and alternative anti-aging drugs help to prevent or reverse aging?

What is elixir of youth ? The elixir of youth is a potion, tablet or injection which is used in the hope that it will prevent or reverse aging. It has existed in the past, it exists now and it will exist in the future. The only problem is, it hasn’t as yet been effective.

Many people are nevertheless taking anti-aging drugs and nutritional supplements in general (antioxidants, brain boosters, vitamins and other ‘natural’ products). There is raging debate about this. Here are some of the arguments for and against using nutritional supplements and alternative anti-aging drugs.

If you think about it, you can find many more arguments for or against taking non-conventional supplements. In fact, do this as a brain exercise.

In any case, the effort goes on and researchers are continually putting on the market natural or synthetic products which could qualify as elixirs of youth. Some of these are described below. These drugs are meant for information only and they are not an endorsement, unless they are specifically highlighted. Don’t spend time reading this directory from beginning to end, just concentrate on those products which may be of interest to you. You can always come back and look more products up at a later stage.

If you decide to take any of the following, you should consult a medical practitioner who is fully aware of the effects of the particular drug. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find practitioners who would be willing to prescribe these drugs and it may also be difficult for your physician to locate a supplier.

The current state of affairs is this: gerontologists believe that aging is affected by free radicals, AGEs, other toxins and defective methylation.

1 Antioxidants deal with only the free radicals.
2 Carnosine affects free radicals, AGEs and some other toxins.
3 SAMe affects only methylation.

So, taking only one of these supplements leaves other areas uncovered.

If you want to deal with aging as we understand it today, it makes sense to ask a knowledgeable medical practitioner to consider prescribing all of these products to cover yourself from all angles.

The Definitive Elixir of Youth

  • In theory, if I had to recommend an all-inclusive, the ultimate, anti-aging elixir, fit for the millennium generation, I would have no hesitation. Here it is: a combination of DHEA, camosine and SAMe, with added high-dose 010, ginkgo biloba and isoflavones.
  • At present, there is nothing stronger and better studied than the ingredients of this combination, and nothing that covers such a wide range of age-related damage. All the products are also relatively easily accessible.
  • I can’t foresee any other products which can surpass the combination of these six in the next 10 or 15 years. Only DNA manipulation, possibly with telomerase, may prove superior.
  • It bears repeating once more that you should only take supplements under medical supervision.

As you have seen, there are many pros and cons regarding living longer. You’ll need to make up your own mind and decide which path to follow.

Aging is both good and bad. The angel of aging brings us long-lasting health, productive life, an active brain, an envious social life, precious wisdom and excellent opportunities to help others. It brings us enjoyment of physical, mental and spiritual pleasures, over and over again.

The ferocious beast of aging has a insatiable appetite for lives. Sometimes we feed it, sometimes we fight it. Courageous people brandish their banners of defiance, surgeons waggle their scalpels, scientists rattle their test tubes, nutritionists fire their pills like magic bullets, gerontologists throw their theories like spears, all trying to defeat the dragon. In all the stories my grandmother told me, the dragon was always defeated in the end.


Posted by Carol Hudgens