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Arguments against for Elixirs of Youth to Prevent or Reverse Aging



Why some people do not believe that Elixirs of youth could reverse aging?

  1. Some treatments are replacing hormones or chemicals which are supposed to be low in aging. A fall in the levels of a hormone may not necessarily be abnormal but could be an essential part of growing old. Giving extra treatments may unbalance this natural state of affairs.
  2. Does the supplement contain sufficient active ingredients? Is the pill properly absorbed in the gut? If it is absorbed, does it reach the parts of the body it is supposed to Does it bind to the right receptors to be able to have any effects? During aging, the cell receptors become distorted, making it difficult for drugs to reach the inside of the cell.
  3. Some chemicals are finely balanced inside the cell. Having more of one will decrease another. For example, taking extra antioxidants could make the body slow down the production of its own natural antioxidants in order to balance this influx of external supplements.
  4. Many of the effects claimed for supplements or drugs are only hearsay. There is not enough scientific evidence that any of them actually work. Some evidence exists but it is very feeble. These trials can be criticized for not being conducted properly or for being biased towards the sponsoring drug company, which may have an interest in the final result.
  5. Therapies and supplements are expensive, they need to be used long term and some are not properly regulated. Is the expense worth the benefit?
  6. There are many unscrupulous practitioners and manufacturers around, making the treatments sound like quackery. Some supplements have been found to have a small effect on mice and rats, and the manufacturers expand this to say that the supplement has a good or definite effect on humans, which is not the same thing at all. Mice are not men.
  7. A ‘natural’ product is not necessarily a safe product. Some can have nasty side effects. ginkgo can make you dizzy, others cause allergic reactions to the sunlight, isoflavones may unleash menstrual bleeding and certain Chinese herbs may poison your liver.
  8. Is it worth worrying too much about pills and supplements or is it best to enjoy your life now within reason? What is the point of living longer if you have to spend the rest of your life worrying about taking pills?
Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 6, 2012 at 3:20 pm