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Gerovital (GH3, KH3) and Anti-Aging



Why Gerovital (GH3, KH3) is one of the best-known effective anti-aging drugs?

I know a few doctors and scientists who swear by the effectiveness of this drug. Only a few. Gerovital was one of the best-known anti-aging drugs in the ’50s and ’60s, and its main ingredient is the local anaesthetic procaine. You can get Gerovital by injection, but more recently it has also been made available in tablets.

Over the years there have been many claims about the effectiveness of this drug. Doctors who are enthusiastic about using GH3 report that it improves blood pressure, arthritis, energy, memory, depression and most other problems associated with aging. Only a handful of scientific studies have been performed outside Romania’s Ana Asian Institute, however. Those studies were mostly negative or gave equivocal results.

Although there has been a lot of publicity about this drug in the past, today most scientists don’t endorse its use. Several patients, though, have tried this product under medical supervision and found it to be very effective.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 6, 2012 at 4:58 pm