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Anti-Aging Drugs to Prolong Active Life



Which anti-aging drugs and remedies can preserve vitality and promote longevity?

Apart from adhering to the canons of healthy living, what else can be done to preserve vitality and promote longevity? Probably not very much, for despite the claims made for many different anti-aging drugs, we are not convinced of the value of any of them with the singular exception of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). None the less mention is made of a few other contenders in this field.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

At the time of the menopause the level of circulating oestrogen is much reduced. This may lead to embarrassing circulatory upsets or `hot flushes’ and night sweats which usually respond to hormone treatment. There may be symptoms of anxiety, irritability, headache, insomnia, and even mental depression. Later there is genital atrophy with vaginal dryness which impedes intimate activity, accelerated bone loss, and an increased risk of vascular disease. The increased cardiovascular risk and weakening of bone pose serious threats to elderly women. Given proper selection and medical supervision, HRT can not only preserve some essential feminine characteristics but can also reduce the risks of fracture and vascular disease.


Ginseng has been in use, especially in the Far East, for around 2000 years. The name jen-shen’ means ‘man-root’ because the root has human resemblance. This anthropomorphism may account for the attribution of magical properties to extracts from the plant! Ginseng glycosides are mildly stimulant, alleviating fatigue and helping to combat stress. There is no evidence that ginseng increases longevity. When too big a dose is taken nervousness, insomnia, irritability, and raised blood pressure occur.

Gerovital (GH3 or KH3)

This Gerovital preparation has achieved world fame on the basis of very slender evidence. It is essentially procaine hydrochloride, commonly used as a local anaesthetic. Unsubstantiated claims are made for it as a treatment for some of the disorders of aging and as an anti-aging agent.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another drug claimed to have anti-aging properties and to promote intimate potency, physical endurance, and lessening of the likelihood of heart attacks. The evidence is not scientifically robust but as with ginseng the absence of sound evidence does nothing to dent the vast market for vitamin E. Both substances are well marketed in the multimillion pound health and beauty industry. Vitamin E is present in abundance in the average Western diet in many vegetables, vegetable oils, and whole grain cereals.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 25, 2012 at 5:49 pm