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Decline of function with age



It must be repeatedly emphasized that many of the parameters we measure and which are reported to decline in older people may do so for three reasons—aging itself, an increasing prevalence of age-related disease, and disuse due to an inactive lifestyle—and that those reasons can only be teased apart if studies are carried out longitudinally on disease-free subjects rather than cross-sectionally on different cohorts. It is becoming clear that many measurements of physical and mental ability which have been accepted as showing inevitable deterioration do not necessarily do so, or at least the

Some anatomical and functional variables in a 70-yearold man, expressed as a percentage of values in the young adult.

Function Percentage of young adult
Arterial oxygen pressure 90
Total body water 87
Cerebral blood flow 80
Kidney weight 80
Maximum heart rate 76
Resting oxygen consumption 74
Muscle mass 74
Maximum oxygen consumption 65
Resting cardiac output 64
Maximum urinary concentration 64
Kidney blood flow 60
Cardiac reserve 50

Source: Kenney, R. A. (1985). Physiology of Aging. Clinics in Geriatric Medicine, 1, 37-59.

deterioration does not set in as early as has been thought; and that in the case of those relating to physical fitness, the deterioration can be so influenced by conditioning that many a 70-year-old emerges as fitter than sedentary people half his age. The data shown in Table  should be regarded, therefore, with considerable caution.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 25, 2012 at 3:18 am