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Healthy Diet in Old Age



About the suitable dietary measures and the eating habits for elderly people.

There is much concern about the eating habits of the elderly. However, there is good evidence that healthy old people eat as well as the rest of the population. Their total intake tends to be lower but matches their reduced physical activity. Their preferences are also different from those of the younger generation but their diet is generally well balanced. The situation is only likely to change at times of stress, such as bereavement and illness, or in people of eccentric habits.

Nevertheless, there is a constant demand for advice about suitable dietary measures in old age. Because of wide individual variations and preferences, it is only possible to give guidelines.

It becomes increasingly important that excess weight should not be carried as degenerative changes in joints and the heart may mean that these begin to feel the strain. Those who are overweight must therefore try even harder than before to reduce their weight. Avoidance of fat and highly refined carbohydrate (such as sugar) is the best way of achieving weight reduction. Bulk (to avoid feelings of hunger and to provide bowel residue) is best taken by increasing the amount of fiber in the diet-converting to wholemeal bread, flour, pasta, whole-grain rice, and bran-based cereals. Fresh vegetables (including potatoes) and fruit provide both fiber and vitamins.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - May 13, 2012 at 3:31 pm