Anti aging guide

How to Avoid Being a Burden To Others When Aging



Getting old does not have to be a burden to others if we could managed ourselves correctly

Keeping yourself fit

This not only means adopting regular physical and mental activity; it also means that you should attempt to adopt the healthy lifestyle that you always knew you should. Improve your diet by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables but less fat and refined sugars. Keep your alcohol intake in check and give up smoking, if you haven’t already. It is never too late to take up good habits, and even in very late life such improvements in life-style can pay practical dividends in improving the general feeling of well-being. Always remember that your health is your own responsibility.

Do not take unnecessary risks

It has to be accepted that life becomes more dangerous with increasing age. However, a careful assessment needs to be made between risks and benefits from any activity – whether for pleasure or necessity. Do not tempt danger by having an unsafe house. Do not drive if you are no longer capable of doing so safely. Do listen to advice – especially about dangerous substances, such as medications and alcohol.

Consider the feelings and anxieties of others

Fierce independence can earn great admiration but may also precipitate reasonable fear and anxiety in others. Those that love and cherish you may not be as mentally strong as you are, and may therefore find it increasingly difficult to accept your determination to remain independent at all costs. Recognize their fears and the honest and good reasons for them. Be prepared to compromise on some issues if only for the sake of others.

Do not use your age as a weapon

You would rightly be offended to have your age given as an excuse for shoddy treatment, for example by your doctor (‘What do you expect at your age, my dear?’). In return for proper respect you must not expect others to give way to you just because of your age. You must continue to argue your case, in whatever matter, with logic and reason and not practice emotional blackmail.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 25, 2012 at 4:17 pm