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Paget’s Disease, Osteomalacia and Cancer Causing Bone Fragility



What is Paget’s disease, Osteomalacia and Cancer in bone and how can be improved by giving a treatment or extra supplements?

Paget’s disease
This is due to areas of hyperactivity in bones. The bones become distorted and are sometimes painful. Although enlarged, the bones are more fragile than normal. If symptoms are troublesome (and many cases are asymptomatic) then relief can be obtained by the use of analgesics and special hormone injections (calcitonin). Although the condition is common-there are about three-quarters of a million cases in the UK alone-the cause is unknown, although there are pointers that suggest a viral infection.

This is a softening of bone due to its impaired production. The underlying cause is a lack of vitamin D. This deficiency may result from a poor diet (oily fish and dairy products are good sources of vitamin D) or poor absorption resulting from bowel disease or lack of exposure to sunlight. The latter is the most important as most people produce their own vitamin D in their skin when it is exposed to sunshine. When the condition occurs in children it is known as rickets-but elderly people are also vulnerable to the same bone condition. The resulting soft bones have an increased liability to fracture. The condition is corrected by giving extra supplies of vitamin D.

Cancer in bones
Areas of bone may be weakened because of cancerous changes. These may arise directly in the bones or occur as a cancer spreads from another source, such as the prostate, breast, or lung. Although these lesions are usually painful this is not always the case and they may only come to light when a fracture occurs through an area of weakened bone. At this stage there may still be no evidence of the primary growth. Painful areas of bone can be improved by giving a course of X-ray treatment and some cases will also benefit from special hormone treatment-depending on the nature of the problem.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - May 12, 2012 at 10:58 am