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What is aging?



The word ‘aging’ is used in two main senses whether it is applied to a man or to his motor car. The simpler sense is purely chronological and tells us that it is becoming a period of many years since he or it was first taken home from the labor ward or factory by proud new possessors. The second describes the many changes which have taken place since then, some readily apparent to the eye of the beholder, others perhaps not even easily detected on examination of the component parts. There is also a third sense in which the word is used when applied to biological systems, in order to indicate the processes by which the first sense has led to the second. These processes have to explain the fact that the longer we live after reaching our peak, the more universal and the more strongly developed are the decremental changes of structure and function which render increasingly precarious our hold on life. These explanations are the field of inquiry of gerontologists, who are pursuing them at an increasingly fundamental level—from the organism down to the cell and ultimately to the molecule. There is, in addition, a further sense in which the word is used when applied to a population, and that is to describe the change in its composition whereby an increasing proportion of individuals of that population are advanced in years.

Even when we are old, many of the cells of the body are still being replaced by new ones through continuous division. These include the blood cells and those of the skin and the lining of the gut. Other cells grow old with us because they rarely, if at all, undergo division. Examples of these are to be found in the kidney, brain, heart muscle, and the lens of the eye, and once we have received our complement of them, those that are destroyed can never be replaced. Clearly these different types of cell will exhibit very different aging phenomena, and these will in turn have different effects on the aging of the organism.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 19, 2012 at 4:03 pm