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Exercises to Help Arthritis



How to use healthy exercises in order to help arthritis

Below are some examples of exercises for arthritis sufferers which aim to avoid stiffness, improve mobility of the joint and strengthen the muscles around it:

  • For the Neck – Turn your head very gently all the way to the left. Keep it as far as it can go for a few seconds and then move back to the straight position. Then do the same to the right. Repeat five times.
  • For Shoulder Flexibility – Lean over a chair using one arm to support you. Make circular movements with your other arm to work on the
    stiff shoulder joint, first clockwise then anti-clockwise.
  • For the Knee – Sit on the floor with your affected knee straight. Place a rolled towel under your heel to support it. Tighten the muscles of the knee while pushing your heel away from you. Aim to touch the floor with the back of your knee. Hold for three or four seconds, relax and repeat a few times.
Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 18, 2012 at 6:22 pm