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Anti-Aging: Tips for Improving the Sense of Position and Balance



How to use some simple exercises to improve the sense of balance and position

Exercise 1

Sit or lie down somewhere quiet. Relax and close your eyes. Wait for a few minutes without making even the slightest move. Then guess, with your partner as an observer if you wish, the exact position of your limbs. For example, in what direction is your right leg pointing, how bent is your left elbow, where is your head turned towards, etc.

This exercise will improve your awareness relating to the body position and, although it may not sound immediately relevant, it can provide valuable clues to help you maintain your sense of position.

Exercise 2

If you have a rotating chair such as a desk chair, sit on it without touching anywhere, with your eyes closed. Ask a partner to turn it slightly and guess which direction you are facing.

This exercise is used to develop the sense of direction and to improve awareness of situations involving direction.

Tips for improving the sense of balance:

  • Avoid bending down and then getting up quickly.
  • Avoid lying or sitting down for long periods.
  • Walk on a straight line with a book balanced on your head.
  • If you are taking any medication, ask about any side effects which may affect your balance. (There are several medicines which can help restore the sense of balance – ask your doctor.)
  • Try balancing a long stick upright on one finger, like circus acrobats do, or symbolically, try balancing a walking stick.
  • Practise t’ai chi exercises.
  • Do any form of physical exercise.
Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 26, 2012 at 5:41 pm