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Anti-Aging: What is Sense Imagery and Its Usefulness



How sense imagery technique could be used to improve the memory banks of the brain

The technique of ‘sense imagery’ is used to help consolidate information already stored in the brain.

Recall a face that you know really well. Then spend a few minutes thinking about its particular characteristics and try to re-create the face in your mind. Instead of using a face you may think of:

  1. Well-known scenery, such as your house, your garden or your neighborhood.
  2. Tones of voice, such as the voice of a person well known to you. You should really make an effort to think of the tone. Or you might choose a familiar voice calling you by your name, the shouts of the traders in the market, the noise of an aeroplane …
  3. Think of the smell of some common objects such as your perfume or your house, and others such as freshly cut grass, eggs and bacon, and surgical spirit.
  4. Can you recall, in turn, the taste of: bread, ketchup, salt, sugar, beer, vinegar? Spend a few seconds with each one until you manage to recreate the sensation.
  5. Visualize yourself moving around the house, walking, exercising, dancing, driving.
  6. Imagine what it is like to stroke a pet, to feel a hot radiator, running water, soft material, etc.

All of the above should be done with an effort to really visualize the particular sense and to remember the quality of the item.

This exercise can be done anywhere – while travelling as a passenger, waiting for a bus, sitting somewhere quiet – to fill in time, but not while driving a car or when walking, or in any other situations which need your full attention.

All of these exercises fortify the sensory pathways to the brain, invigorate the power of imagination and facilitate the registration of new sense-related information deep in the memory banks.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 26, 2012 at 5:57 pm