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Chunking as Memory Exercise



Memory Exercise Through Chunking of Information

Most people have the ability to recall around 5-7 ‘chunks’ or bits of information at any one time. But if we use this ability wisely and organize our approach, we will easily be able to remember long lists of items. The best technique to use here is actually called ‘chunking’.

If for example, you have to remember the contents of your shopping list, you should mentally divide the items into groups. If, say, you want to buy kiwi fruit, bread, bananas, biscuits, cornflakes and pineapple juice (six items), you can divide this into two groups: fruit and bakery. It is, you would agree, easier to remember two items than six. When you get to the supermarket you start with the first group and work your way through the items included in that group: kiwi fruit, bananas, pineapple juice. Then you tackle the second group: bread, cornflakes and biscuits. You can, of course, take a written list with you, but this is an exercise for your memory, not merely for your convenience.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 19, 2012 at 8:21 am