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Handkerchief Knot and Observation Method of Memory Exercises



Knot in the Handkerchief Memory Exercise

Not much psychology here! I know several people who actually tie knots in their handkerchief to help them remember things. The idea is that if you suddenly remember an important detail and you don’t want to forget it, leave something in a noticeable place to remind you.

For example, if you are reading in bed and you suddenly remember an important appointment just before you fall asleep, put something that is to hand, say your shoe, inside your book and leave it on the floor. When you get up next morning you will see this strange combination and this will remind you of your appointment.

Observation Memory Exercise

There are quite a few ways to super-tune your powers of observation. A well-known game is to look at several items for a few seconds and then, without looking, write down a complete list of these items. Other exercises are:

To improve the registration of memories in your brain, spend some time in the evening, preferably well before you go to sleep, trying to recall the day’s events as vividly as possible.

Take a picture, look at it for a few seconds and then write down as many details as you can.

Alternatively, look at a stranger for a few seconds when you are out and then imagine that you are called by the police to describe that person.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 19, 2012 at 1:12 pm