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Mental Exercise by Thinking of Past Times



How to think of your past times as a mental exercise

You need to put aside a considerable amount of time and effort for this exercise.

Using a notebook, write down as many positive events as you can remember from your past. Create a file or a dossier with photographs, letters, certificates and so on to remind you of your past.

This will also help you remember your achievements and it will prove to you that your life has not been a waste. You have achieved many things.

You don’t necessarily have to show this to anyone else. It is for your own use. If, however, it makes you feel good, then do show it to others.

Include any positive events that you can think of such as holidays, important letters, awards, hobbies, financial achievements, sporting prizes, etc. Try to live your life now so that you will be able to add more achievements to your dossier in the future. You have a remarkable personal history – don’t erase it.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 6, 2012 at 9:20 am