Anti aging guide

Positive Daydreaming to Fight Aging



How positive daydreaming could help in anti-aging

After an initial period of relaxation, while sitting comfortably somewhere quiet, let your imagination run wild.

You can think of any scenario you like but the general idea could be that your body is fighting the negative effects of age. For example:

Imagine that you are sitting in a quiet hospital room. Now imagine that you are leaving your body and you are floating in the air above you. Leave all your worries and problems with your body. Imagine that the door opens and many scientists wearing white coats come in and start working on your body. They are using electronic gadgets with flashing lights and bleeping noises. They are blasting away all the aged cells in your body and all the bad effects of old age (wrinkles, white/grey hair, disease, etc). You don’t feel any pain at all but you realize that you are beginning to feel better. All those scientists keep on hunting down every small abnormality in your body and repairing it. Your immune system is getting stronger and stronger and your healthy cells are fighting the weak damaged cells. Your body is bursting with energy.

Think about the damaged old cells being repaired and all those toxic chemicals being eliminated from your body. The scientists are giving you injections with powerful chemicals to help with this repair.

You may want to concentrate on a particular area of your body which has signs of aging (for example, arthritis), or you may try to revitalize your body as a whole.

Finally your body wins and feels healthier and stronger. Keep daydreaming until you are completely satisfied.
Wait for a few minutes and get up gently.

In this example, you should think of the damaged, aged cells as weak and pathetic, and the scientists as strong and efficient. The scientists and their treatment will inevitably win over the weak aging cells. Instead of scientists, some people prefer to use the image of God, or any other image connected with power and wisdom (Mother Nature, etc).

Keep daydreaming for at least five minutes a day.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 5, 2012 at 4:32 pm