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Benefits of Physical Exercise on Aging



Physical Exercise and the Brain

Remember, the brain is affected not only by mental exercise, but also by physical exercise. The benefits of physical exercise are never ending. Apart from its effects on the muscles, the lungs and the heart, physical exercise can also keep the brain in fine shape.

How does it do that The answer is simple if you believe that the body influences the mind and that the mind influences the body. Physical exercise improves confidence and self-esteem. It drains away feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. In short, it makes you feel good.

Other possible mental benefits of regular physical exercise, based on the latest research:

  • It enriches the dopamine levels in the brain. (Dopamine is the chemical which is depleted in Parkinson’s disease.)
  • It balances worn-out supplies of glucose in the brain. Therefore the brain has more ready-made fuel to burn during mental effort.
  • Regular moderate physical exercise boosts the body’s natural defence mechanism, the white blood cells which combat infection.
  • There is evidence that regular physical exercise can help the brain cells develop better connections. This is essential in maintaining brain sharpness and can even play a part in restoring age-related memory loss.
Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 9, 2012 at 11:45 am