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Scanning and Eye Focusing During Aging



Why older people needs more time to focus when scanning a area to search

When we stare at something, the small muscles which move our eyes try to focus on the item we are looking at, jerking automatically from side to side until they fix on the image. This process is called ‘fixation’.

As we grow older, the number of jerks before the eye can ‘zoom in’ properly increases and the time between each jerk lengthens. If a young person needs, for the sake of argument, 10 eye jerks in 2 seconds to focus on an object, in 40 years’ time the same person will need 20 eye movements in 6 seconds to focus on a similar object.

This means that when an older person is scanning an area, it will take longer for all the information to be fed into the brain compared to the time needed by a younger person. Therefore, if you are looking for somebody in a crowd, in order to do a proper search you will need to allow yourself more time for your eyes to focus on the area you are scanning.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 19, 2012 at 7:27 pm