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Preferred Lifestyle of Older People



How to ensure that you have planned to choose the preferred lifestyle of your choice and the location to live?

Are you a solitary person or a gregarious one? Are you fiercely independent or happy to rely on others? Do you enjoy country life or city living? These are all very personal decisions but ones which must be made if you are contemplating a move.

Often the personal factors outlined above will dictate the choices that you can make. If that is not the case you should exercise your freedom to choose with great care and introspection.

Where to live when old?

To move or not to move, that is the question. If you are happy in your current accommodation, you must list the assets that you currently enjoy and will not be able to transport. For instance, happy memories are kept fresh in familiar surroundings. Confidence is maintained by familiarity. Good neighbors, upon whom you may need to rely even more in the future, will not move with you.

If any of these factors are essential to your contentment, then stay put. If your accommodation no longer quite fits your needs, then concentrate on improving and adapting what you already have.

When a decision is made to move – try to ensure that the move is for positive reasons. There will also be negative aspects to any move and these should be considered and weighed against the potential benefits.

Do not be trapped by positive factors which are more apparent than real. For instance, being physically nearer to your children may make visiting easier – but it will not provide extra time. Your family may also have to make changes; for example, alter their social or working life to visit you, even if you live nearer. If they are unhappy or unwilling to make such changes, your new proximity will only highlight the reasons why you are not emotionally and socially closer.

Remember that your needs may change as you grow older – ensure that your new location will be able to deliver and satisfy those needs. For example, moving to a hot and sunny climate may be wonderful whilst you can enjoy swimming, walking, etc., but are the health and social services adequate should you require to use them? A foreign location may mean that your pension and capital may make you a ‘millionaire’ whilst the cost of living in that country is low – however political change and inflation can convert millionaires to paupers. During your third-age period of perhaps 30 years the nature of a country may change considerably – for either better or worse.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 1, 2012 at 4:24 pm