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Social Relationships After Retirement



How to continue having a close social relationship with those we love after retirement

Increased proximity to your partner may not lead to greater emotional closeness. Retirement may either increase or decrease stresses within the partnership. With the exception of holiday times, it may be the only time that you will have truly lived together. No longer kept apart by employment or family, you may have difficulties in sharing your life together. It may be necessary to re-negotiate tasks and responsibilities if a new equilibrium is to be achieved.

It is a great asset to be of value to others. This is as true in retirement as at other times. Therefore beware of making your spouse redundant and try to remain useful to other members of your family, and to friends and neighbors. This should help you to retain a wide circle of contacts with people of all ages. Try not to retreat into a geriatric ghetto, but do not dissociate yourself from your peers.

Comparisons with the latter, especially in regard to physical exertion can help you to judge if you are aging naturally or pathologically.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - March 26, 2012 at 3:52 pm