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Who to Live With When Getting Old



Is it possible to live with your children or relatives after getting old?

For many elderly people there is no choice in this matter, for they find that through death and bereavement they are left living alone. This is particularly true for married women who can now expect to spend the end of their lives as widows. Generally, the older you become the more likely you are to have to face the prospect of living alone. If the thought of living alone is intolerable, then the alternatives must be considered.

Would it be possible for you to live with a son, daughter, or other relatives. However, such cohabitation would only work if your previous relationship with that person was good. If you did not get on well together before the, onset of your problems (whether poor health, disability, or bereavement) the situation in the future will not be better and may be considerably worse. The views and opinions of other people, for example, your son or daughter-in-law or the grandchildren, also have to be taken into consideration. When no family solution is available and you have no friend with whom you could share your life, then the forms of communal living described above should be considered – but do not make a permanent and irreversible move until you have tried a new lifestyle.

Where to live in your old age is a very difficult and personal problem. There is no simple or universal answer. Each must make up his or her own mind. However, decide carefully and only after full investigation of all the possibilities. Do not act hastily and especially at times of crisis, such as illness or bereavement. Do not cut off your means of retreat, just in case you find you have made an error.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - April 1, 2012 at 4:32 pm