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The Benefits of Thassalotherapy



Treating yourself to Thassalotherapy which could provide a therapeutic benefit

More and more, health spas, day spas, resorts, and even some cruise ships provide full-body treatment options incorporating thassalotherapy – a spa therapy technique which involves a seaweed wrap of mineral-rich marine products, which includes sea water. But regardless of whether your favorite health spa provides thassalotherapy, mud baths, or various other water therapy, you’ll most likely enjoy the break and acquire a therapeutic benefit from your time spent there.

The therapeutic usage of water goes back to the fifth century B.C. and Hippocrates, the Greek well known as the Father of Medicine. Even though traditionally, hydrotherapy meant treatment using water of various temperature or form, such as ice packs and vaporizers as well as hot baths, modern spas generally use water to relax you while restoring the moisture necessary for youthful, supple skin.

Posted by Carol Hudgens - February 15, 2012 at 7:22 pm